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If you have chosen Hotel Terra then you will enjoy the modern comfort of the hotel in a traditional ambience. Whether you are looking for a short break or looking for longer vacation we are able to offer different options for you.
Double or Twin Room
This air-conditioned room provides a flat-screen cable and satellite tv, a safe, a desk and a minibar. The private bathroom is fitted with a shower and a hairdryer. Free toiletries are provided. ...
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Double or Twin Room with Balcony and Sea View
This air-conditioned room provides a balcony with a view of the sea and a view of the city. It comes with a flat-screen cable and satellite tv, a safe, a desk and a minibar. The private bathroom is fi...
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Triple Room with Sea View
This air-conditioned room provides a view of the sea and a view of the city. It comes with a flat-screen cable and satellite tv, a safe, a desk and a minibar. The private bathroom is fitted with a sho...
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Family room
This air-conditioned family room provides a view of the mountains. It comes with a flat-screen cable and satellite tv, a safe, a desk and a minibar. The private bathroom is fitted with a shower and a...
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Restaurant Kult

Flavor-like food stories permeate through the traditional & indigenous cuisine of the island of Pag and Croatia. Unique flavors of food in beautiful warm food snacks.


Experience traditions of our newly opened restaurant and elegant Terra.

On the ground floor of our hotel every day for you serve the most delicious seasonal specialty of Pag: widely famous cheese, indigenous lamb of Pag, fresh white and blue fish, octopus, asparagus, a variety of shellfish and shrimp, lobster, and lobster all dressed with a little local spices ( sage, fennel, majčina dušica, rosemary ...) and an abundance ofgastronomic love...

Our rich Enoteka with wines from all regions of Croatia and the world gives stamp benefits of which we have in - terra!

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Boat, restaurant and hotel - three words that describe more than 50 years of history of Hotel Terra and the Palčić family.


Novalja Hotel Terra 2


Long before it became what it is today, a world-famous holiday destination and an unforgettable music festival experience, Novalja was a small island town with a long tradition of fishing and agriculture. Tourism was an unknown word, summer and beaches were exclusive for the locals, and fishing boats and vineyards were the pillars that built and developed the community.

Our family lived and grew in that harmony, but always had the vision to create something more. The story began with a boat workshop opened on the location of today's Hotel Terra by our grandfather Stjepan also known as Ungar. Cheerful by nature, but serious and diligent in his work, our grandfather became one of the best and most famous shipbuilders, and the news of the skillful handyman from Novalja quickly spread among fishermen. He himself was a fisherman, a passionate huntsman, a family man, and a great friend. He told stories about cold fishing nights at sea and exciting hunting trips to Italy with passion and love, during breaks from building boats. In this workshop, his hands were his main tool, and his stories an inspiration for every visitor.

Over the years, the story, which began with grandpa Stjepan and his workshop, got a new vision. It was time to turn a new page and start a new chapter. Our grandfather left his workspace to his children and decided to dedicate his remaining time to himself and his family. After some time, Restaurant Busola (compass) opened the doors to both locals and foreign guests directly on the location of grandfathers workshop, where the tradition of hard works and meticulousness was nurtured. The restaurant was opened in 1989, and over the next 10 years, it became known as the first and the best choice for tasting Pag lamb as a local specialty.

Precisely because of the menu filled with local specialties, the restaurant gained a great reputation among the local population, but it also became one of the first choices of an increasing number of guests who visited Novalja every year. Located in an attractive and busy location, the tables were booked every day and the highlight was that guests could watch the meat (lamb) being prepared and baked right next to the restaurant. A detail that was extremely attractive to everyone, especially to foreign tourists who did not know about such food preparation. Thus, the tradition of success started by grandfather Stjepan continued with his children who had their own idea and vision of success, set on a family tradition and values. The values they soon upgraded with another successful idea.



Novalja has slowly grown from a small fishing village to an increasingly popular tourist destination. Families enjoyed the beautiful beaches and scenery, while young people enjoyed the music and clubs on Zrce beach. Our Palčić family has decided on the next big undertaking, building a family hotel that will provide its visitors with a high level of service, but with a warm family approach that we have provided through the decades and all our adventures. After several years of construction and investment, Hotel Terra opened its doors in 2009. The excitement among the family members was great, however, the work of the whole family and the effort that each of us put in was rewarded very quickly. One of the reasons for another success may be the family tradition and the story that is embedded in the roots of the hotel.

Hotel Terra was named after the fields and land that the noble Palčić family inherited from their ancestors, and the colors and theme of the hotel represent earth tones for this very reason. We paid special attention to the family tradition and a story we are all very proud of. This story is told to all our visitors who can enjoy the gastronomic offer of authentic dishes in the hotel restaurant and the pleasant atmosphere which is a defining characteristic of our friendly hotel staff. It gives everyone a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the warm family history and long-lasting adventure.

An adventure that continues. With new challenges, ideas, and stories, which are now being told by new generations of the Palčić family. A generation that looks ahead and bravely walks the paved road following in the footsteps of those whose emotions they continue to pass on to others.

Visit us ... and become a part of our story.

Novalja, 15.03.2021. 

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5 Reasons to spend Easter in Novalja

Easter in Novalja traditionally represents a period when the city slowly begins to wake up from hibernation and prepare for the upcoming tourist season. Hotels are opening their doors, bars and restaurants are preparing terraces and promenades are becoming favorite gathering places. Many guests visit Novalja during this period because they can feel the spring atmosphere of a small town, drink coffee on their favorite terrace and enjoy the events prepared by the local community.

Easter breakfast has already become a well-known tradition for the locals, but also an event that guests who come from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy and many other countries do not miss. In addition to tasting food and drinks, guests can enjoy the folk dance of the local group "Naški", the music of local klapas and choirs, enjoy the sun-drenched terraces of cafes, taste homemade cheeses, olive oil, wines or buy souvenirs made by locals and from natural materials.

Source: Eugen Rebernišak / TZ grada Novalje

But Easter breakfast is not the only event that attracts tourists to Novalja during this period. Many come to relax, enjoy nature, escape from the city crowds, and depending on the weather, temperatures, and if they are braver enough, to perhaps open the beach season.

If you have not yet found your reason why to visit Novalja at this time, we have prepared some additional activities and an offer that will surely push you towards the island of Pag and our family hotel Terra.


1. Novalja and families - It is a possibility

The pre-season period is unquestionably the calmest period of the year when Novalja exudes calm. Many guests choose this period for their vacation because they avoid the crowds of tourists typical for the period of June, July, and August. Nightclubs are just preparing for festivals, groups of young people are just coming up with their plan for the summer, but that’s why weekend visitors, cyclists, athletes, and families know this is the perfect time for them. The ideal time for long walks in one of the popular locations such as:

- Novalja field;
- Promenade Gaj - Waterfront - City beach - Straško;
- Novalja bypass;
- Promenade of Pag Wind Farm.

The possibilities are numerous, and it is up to you to treat yourself to a little free time and visit Novalja and the island of Pag.


2. History is not just for nerds

One of the biggest historical attractions of Novalja that many visitors do not know about is the city museum and the underground tunnel that connects it with the Novalja field. The tunnel is actually an ancient aqueduct built in the 1st century and stretches for 1050 meters. This ancient water supply system is only 60 cm wide, while its height ranges from 100 to 230 cm. Since it starts in the basement of the city museum, we definitely recommend it as an inevitable item for sightseeing and photography.

In addition to the aqueduct, the museum has a rich ethnographic, archaeological and numismatic collection, it is possible to see the exhibition of Pag lace, a virtual exhibition of Caska Bay, and an exhibition of traditional weddings in Novalja from 1919 until today called "In good and evil".


3. Cheese with a gold medal around the neck

That Pag cheese as one of the best, highest quality, and best-rated cheeses in the world is not big news. Many foreign tourists cite specialties from the island as the main reason for coming to the island. Pag lamb, home-made fish, dishes prepared in the traditional way, and Pag cheese are what we at Hotel Terra are proud of and offer to guests in our hotel restaurant.

In order to provide guests with additional value and experience, it is possible to organize a guided tour of the Gligor Cheese Factory with the inevitable tasting of several best types of cheese and wine. A unique experience and a good reason to treat yourself to this delicacy. Gold medals from international competitions have been a tradition for Gligora Cheese Factory for years, and let this tour become your tradition when visiting Novalja.


4. Lun olive groves

As a unique place on the island of Pag, there is the olive park or the so-called Lun Olive Gardens. This project is an original idea of the local community, and with the help of European funds, a park was built where it is possible to visit the olive trees that have grown on the island for centuries, some older than 1600 years.

An easy walk with friends and family is interspersed with stories about the more important olive trees and locations. The trail is undemanding and suitable for all ages, you can visit it on foot or by bike, and at the end of the trail, there is a reception and a souvenir shop where you can buy souvenirs made of olive wood.


5. Hotel Terra - The best family hotel on the island

Our family hotel with a warm family atmosphere is part of the standard offer of the city of Novalja, but one of the few for which family tourism is a priority in business. A long family tradition was crucial in choosing this market segment, defining hotel design and accommodation types, as well as our restaurant offer. Personal approach to work is recognized by our regular guests who return to us from year to year.

We improve our work every day through numerous projects and activities, and the last in a series is the IQM Project or Integral Quality Management with the aim of encouraging excellence, measuring quality, and connecting entities to provide the highest level of service quality.

Novalja, 28.03.2021.


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Izvori: Eugen Rebernišak/TZ grada Novalje; Gradski muzej Novalja; Sirana Gligora; Vrtovi lunjskih maslina

Safe stay in Hotel Terra 

For the last year, we have been surrounded by everyday life that has been and remains challenging in all fields, especially for participants in tourism and hospitality. Given that we are looking forward to another tourist summer with many unknowns and uncertainties, we have made an effort to provide our guests with a high sense of security within our family hotel Terra.

We are extremely grateful and happy that our guests are ready to travel and want to spend their holidays in our hotel. To thank them for this, our hotel has integrated all the necessary protective measures to make sure our guests feel safe, secure, and able to relax and enjoy their holiday. We are a proud owner of the “Safe stay” label, with an emphasis on maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and safety protocols. The staff of our hotel is trained and will provide all the necessary support to guests who require medical assistance or want to have all the preconditions for a safe and carefree vacation.

Security measures defined by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports that we have adopted in our business include the following:


1. General rules for employees

a) informing and training employees on the procedures to protect employees and guests and procedures in case of infection of employees or guests
b) physical distance (especially employees who are in contact with guests of other employees)
c) wearing protective masks
d) body temperature check
e) hand disinfection as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty, washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfecting work surfaces several times a day
f) limited number of people in indoor settings


2. General rules for guests
a) wearing protective masks in all common areas
b) disinfecting hands
c) limited number of people in the common areas of the facility
d) physical distancing


3. Cleaning
a) regular disinfection of common areas, paying special attention to equipment and places that are frequently touched
b) regular ventilation of indoor areas
c) disinfectants
d) use disposable materials (paper towels) in sanitary facilities
e) regular cleaning and disinfection of filters for air conditioning, ventilation, and heating


4. Reception
a) on-line check-in, self-check-in, or a quick check-in
b) protective barrier at the reception desk
c) pre-announced check-out so that an invoice can be prepared in advance to keep guests at the reception for as short as possible


5. Accommodation
a) folder (options: in digital form, plasticized folders to be disinfected after each guest or at the reception of the single-use folder)
b) provide a safety kit (protective masks, gloves, disinfectant) that may or may not be charged
c) refill the minibar at the request of the guest or place a safety sticker
d)regular disinfection of critical (contact) points in the room
e) cleaning the room in agreement with the guests
f) more rigorous washing and disinfection of bed linen and towels for guests


6. Catering services
a) buffet service, normal serving, or self-service in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, room service or serving food and drinks directly from the kitchen
b) removal of menus and price lists from tables, available at the request of the guest (options: digital form QR codes or disposable in printed form or plasticized)
c) table settings and serving utensils in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
d) disinfection of tables, menus, and price lists and replacement of the table setup after each guest
e) distancing tables from each other in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
f) physical distancing between individual groups of visitors in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health


7. Common content
a) schedule reservation in advance with a sufficient time lag for disinfection of equipment and space and ventilation of the premises after each guest


Novalja, 25.03.2021.