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Safe stay in Hotel Terra

Safe stay in Hotel Terra 

For the last year, we have been surrounded by everyday life that has been and remains challenging in all fields, especially for participants in tourism and hospitality. Given that we are looking forward to another tourist summer with many unknowns and uncertainties, we have made an effort to provide our guests with a high sense of security within our family hotel Terra.

We are extremely grateful and happy that our guests are ready to travel and want to spend their holidays in our hotel. To thank them for this, our hotel has integrated all the necessary protective measures to make sure our guests feel safe, secure, and able to relax and enjoy their holiday. We are a proud owner of the “Safe stay” label, with an emphasis on maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and safety protocols. The staff of our hotel is trained and will provide all the necessary support to guests who require medical assistance or want to have all the preconditions for a safe and carefree vacation.

Security measures defined by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports that we have adopted in our business include the following:


1. General rules for employees

a) informing and training employees on the procedures to protect employees and guests and procedures in case of infection of employees or guests
b) physical distance (especially employees who are in contact with guests of other employees)
c) wearing protective masks
d) body temperature check
e) hand disinfection as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty, washing and disinfection when hands are visibly dirty, and disinfecting work surfaces several times a day
f) limited number of people in indoor settings


2. General rules for guests
a) wearing protective masks in all common areas
b) disinfecting hands
c) limited number of people in the common areas of the facility
d) physical distancing


3. Cleaning
a) regular disinfection of common areas, paying special attention to equipment and places that are frequently touched
b) regular ventilation of indoor areas
c) disinfectants
d) use disposable materials (paper towels) in sanitary facilities
e) regular cleaning and disinfection of filters for air conditioning, ventilation, and heating


4. Reception
a) on-line check-in, self-check-in, or a quick check-in
b) protective barrier at the reception desk
c) pre-announced check-out so that an invoice can be prepared in advance to keep guests at the reception for as short as possible


5. Accommodation
a) folder (options: in digital form, plasticized folders to be disinfected after each guest or at the reception of the single-use folder)
b) provide a safety kit (protective masks, gloves, disinfectant) that may or may not be charged
c) refill the minibar at the request of the guest or place a safety sticker
d)regular disinfection of critical (contact) points in the room
e) cleaning the room in agreement with the guests
f) more rigorous washing and disinfection of bed linen and towels for guests


6. Catering services
a) buffet service, normal serving, or self-service in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, room service or serving food and drinks directly from the kitchen
b) removal of menus and price lists from tables, available at the request of the guest (options: digital form QR codes or disposable in printed form or plasticized)
c) table settings and serving utensils in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
d) disinfection of tables, menus, and price lists and replacement of the table setup after each guest
e) distancing tables from each other in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health
f) physical distancing between individual groups of visitors in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health


7. Common content
a) schedule reservation in advance with a sufficient time lag for disinfection of equipment and space and ventilation of the premises after each guest


Novalja, 25.03.2021.

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